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To manage compliance, assurance and other legal obligations within the Rail sector the organisation needs to be proactive in understanding what areas of their infrastructure are likely to fail and at what rate.

Understanding the risk model from a high level based on document storage and innate servicing is essential, however, understanding the granular level insights gives organisations the ability to act and remove the smallest of potential risk.

Remember, a 9V battery can blow a petrol station up in the same way a specific piece of a circuit could burn down a building. It happens often and the cost burden and damage to PR is massive.


TCW – the only product Turning information into insight

A clear dashboard of all compliance at a high level – ensures that the duty holders have full control.

In-depth analysis of documents to pinpoint areas of risk.

Analysis of actions and remedial obligations to track and manage the whole process from identification to rectification.

Fully integrated asset management compatibility.


“The use of TCW has blown open the doors for a small train operator come infrastructure manager. We now have a grasp on key asset data. Our exec team have high-level reporting & the technology seems to constantly revolve & exceed expectations.”

Paul Meenan – Asset Manager – c2c (Trenitalia c2c Ltd)

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