Compliance Solutions

  • The software is capable of ingesting LOLER documents and then presenting the key information to the user and organisation to ensure accurate asset management and cyclical planning.

    Specifics – Location, product info, weight restrictions, frequency of maintenance, defects and recommendations

  • In-depth analysis of Electrical documents to validate and check each essential field for correctness, regulatory obligation and accuracy.

    The software will run through the whole electrical document performing calculations and checks against electrotechnical principles to sign post the organisation to risk and failures.

    TCW also prompts users when results are starting to show signs of deterioration, this means you can plan, check and act against areas that have the potential to generate risk in the future.

    Specifics – Engineering benchmarking performance, Resistivity, current carrying calculations and observations all presented seamlessly and automatically.

  • Documents are comprehensively checked, like an engineer would do, but the technology is able to delve into more detail. Data is validated and cross referenced with standards and industry guidance. Accurate data is automatically extracted and used to fuel Asset Management / Budget and Risk management obligations.

    Specifics – Regulation 26/9, Regulations 36, manufacturers Instructions and parameters, engineer performance etc

  • Reports are ingested into TCW and the essential data checked and presented back to the organisation meaning accurate management of areas that have the potential to cause harm to individuals. TCW presents issues that require management, monitoring, removal etc.

    The system ingests documents and collects all data across multiple documents to provide organisations with one process of managing actions.

    Specifics – missing information, identification of specific types of Asbestos, locations and recommended actions the client needs to act upon.

  • With a comprehensive list of FRA documents already on the software, TCW is able to ingest automatically and validate, verify and export key data to ensure the accurate management of fire risk within the buildings you control. Applying the logic specifically documented in PAS79, TCW will verify the data and check against the following: (list not exhaustive).

    Specifics – Identify fire hazards and recommendations for remedy

    Detail specific people at risk

    Provide an in-depth record of identified risk and the process of removing and or managing them

  • TCW has a comprehensive list of calculations specifically focussed on the regulatory requirements for checks on Legionella. Hot and cold water systems checks, temperature checks, mixing valves, flushing of unused taps and showers etc,

    Validating the contents and recommendations of legionella assessment documents ensures the client is ensuring the safety of their residents and meeting the organisations high level risk obligations.

    Specifics – HSE guidance on the management of legionella risk ensuring specific checks are automatically validated and checked. Central location for all documents with recommendations collected in one place to make the management seamless and easy.

  • Other areas the product has been used for:

    Smoke and Fire Management, Emergency Lighting, PAT, Invoicing… but TCW can be applied to anything, the list is infinite