Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council wanted the best for their borough, and they wanted to do that in the most cost-effective way. We sat down with Martin Simmonds, their Senior Services Officer, to discuss the challenges they had faced and the benefits they have gained since using the software. A huge positive for him was knowing that the software had been developed by someone who had been in his position, and so truly understood the problems they faced:

The Benefits

Some of the main benefits of the system for us include:

The ability to check certification quickly, saving both time and resource that can be spent more pro-actively.

The capability to run tailored compliance reports, so that we can capture the exact information we require as an organisation. This enables us to drill down into individual records and have the insight into more than the basic level of compliant vs. non- compliant.

We can look at engineer competence, performance and trends to confront issues we didn’t even realise existed before, this has helped with training and has increased performance.

It has been a pleasure to work with the team at TCW.

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The software has significantly simplified the process for checking
documents & has helped streamline resources.”

Martin Simmonds,
Senior Services Officer, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

What makes TCW so different?

We help organisations improve their asset knowledge, instantly providing
a smart solution for proactive asset and compliance management which
ultimately improves safety and ensuring money is spent in the right place
simultaneously saving your organisation money.