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In this case study we are going to delve into the challenges South Liverpool Homes faced and how they managed to overcome them with the help of TCWs compliance and asset management software solution. Initially, South Liverpool Homes wanted to ensure they were firmly in the driving seat when it came to their compliance and asset management. When they started to utilise TCW they soon discovered it did more than they thought possible.

Our Challenges

Amongst the number of challenges we faced when it came to compliance management, how to manage the count down to expiry was one of our frustrations. We needed to extract the data from our certificates, some of which were difficult to locate, and find a process that would shine a light this information. 

We were heavily reliant upon our contractor, and it was time consuming to sanity check and validate their validation. With responsibility for over 3,700 homes and families, we wanted to find a smarter and more cost-effective way of working. We were heavily reliant upon our contractor, and it was time consuming to sanity check and validate their validation.

TCW Solution

Sanity Check

When it comes to audits, we can show that we have every certificate and the extracted data, in real-time, and are able to comment on why we have then approved work. Not only did it provide that sanity check but it told us so much more about our assets than we thought possible.


It has given us insight into the performance of assets, engineers and equipment. It has helped us to carry out predictive analytics on boilers, it has flagged testing equipment issues and it has highlighted human factors such as some engineers spotting issues that others do not, leading to performance management and training requirements.


The set-up and on-boarding process was straightforward. Although it is a complex system, it is simply laid out so that it is intuitive and easy to use. The bespoke reports have the specific issues highlighted which make it really clear when there is an issue.

The help desk is very responsive, nothing seems to be a problem.

The Benefits TCW Brings

Transparency; knowing we have reliable data from the certificates which feed into attributes, it is live and that we have an audit trail is a huge weight lifted from our minds.

Increased productivity.

Decreased humans error.

Bespoke reports; analysis of c2 and c3’s – reports can be run straight from the software.

Intelligent lifecycle; so we are no longer relying on set cycle assumptions, thus mitigating future costs.

Self-reliance; sanity check that you are doing everything you can do for your assets and your customers to reduce risks. 

Deeper asset knowledge; assists with efficiency if government regulations were to change.

Cost savings of £62,000 per annum from current contracts in place to validate incoming gas/electric certificates.

If you don’t have the intelligence behind your data you can’t accurately know your assets or your lifecycles. 

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“The software enables us to have control and transparency, knowing we are doing everything we can to reduce risks for our customers and setting new standards in the social housing sector, it puts us firmly in the driving seat!”


David Chatterton

Head of IT, South Liverpool Homes